La Rosita AlphaNew-R
Alpha New-R
Built Without Compromise
"La Rosita" pure juice
Available in black
The Elegant The AlphaNew is the second step in our range of La Rosita "music streamers". It combines in a compact frame, the first level of the strengths of our technology. The result is a unique machine in this price range that positions the outset in the course of large streamers. Technical Information: 2 power supplies, BioClock® level 1/3, "exoDAC® level 1/3", and our own Digital Filter "Tuning Fork®"
Built Without Compromise An internal organization combining great tradition and high current technology solutions. At the heart of each unit there is a huge and silent power supply will branch out to provide exactly the useful energy ration to each active element.
A product "La Rosita" pure juice The internal construction is a reflection of all that is applied in all our devices. We prefer direct wiring and multiple printed circuits to avoid unwanted capacitive effects present with large size PCB's.


Also available in black Why not !


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