La Rosita BetaNew-R
La Rosita BetaNew
Intelligent Remote
Available in black
This is our best seller. We are very proud of the number of BetaNew's which have been sold worldwide, so our recipe we will keep secret. Again, during the design, emphasis was placed on an extreme respect of tempo, and naturally sweet sounds never generating auditory fatigue. The result is a sound stage with striking truth and stability, a holographic experience. Technical Information: three power supplies, BioClock® level 2/3, "exoDAC® level 2/3", and our own Digital Filter "Tuning Fork®" Inside
Inside As per our appliance, construction meets an architecture that respects the great laws of electro-acoustics. Electric power carried with extreme care with a noise level at the boundary of the measuring instruments. The transmission and reception party served by an optimized data flow through our proprietary plugin for iTunes (Mac OS only), and a DAC with multiple power supplies and a proprietary digital filter.
A simple user interface The rear of many amplifiers is often crowded with connectors. Our philosophy is to keep only what is necessary, and not to sell multiple connections which are seldom used in a hi fidelity system. Rather than cater to a marketing pitch, we will install specific connector outputs upon request...
The version "Connect" with remote control and tone control. Once again, a main feature of our design is to reduce the signal path, and the number of contacts. A "Connect" version is also available with an authentic preamplifier stage, its own power supply, and four analog inputs. We also reintroduced a tone control that does not affect the musicality or phase dedicated to adjust those frequencies which permit an effective correction of the small defects of listening rooms.
Also available in black. Why Not !


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