La Rosita Preamplifier Cloud 9
Our Cloud 9 Preamplifier
Silence has no sound
Also available in black
It's there but it is completely transparent The main function of a preamplifier to increase the source output signal and to adapt its impedance to the amplifier next in line of the amplification system. While this perhaps states the obvious, but does not always happen that way ... As for the basic function of the preamplifier, which serves to select the source of the audio system it must be absolutely free of any filter effect and a noiseless environment.
The sound of silence … Here every detail is important, each component has its purpose and rationale. Each power supply found in a preamplifier must be ABSOLUTELY QUIET. Cloud 9 can be considered as a strait wire with more than 30dB of gain.
Also available in black Just to meet growing demand ...



Cloud 9

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