La Rosita Integrated Amp. Jakes
 Sweet Jakes
Built Without Compromise
And Yet So Simple
Available in Black
Power is not everything. For many, the main criterion when choosing an amplifier is its power; the more powerful it is, the better the sound. But the power of an amplifier is far from being the dominant criterion. Sometimes we wonder why some 30 watt amplifiers seem more dynamic and have fewer limitations than others displaying 150 watts. We believe that the speed with which this power is available, and the general appearance of the distortion spectrum are more important. Technical Information: Power: 50W per channel, very low THD and IMD distorsion, low noise, low Mechanical noise... VERY WIDE Bandwidth, HUGE instantaneous current. Here too, numbers means nothing...
Built Without Compromise The Jakes has been built without compromise with an oversized power supply and short routes to maximize the symbiosis between the power supply and amplifier circuits. Moreover, the location of each element on the printed circuit boards contributes to a sonic realism comparable to live music.
And Yet So Simple Again: "Simplicity is the mother of performance" A logical and intuitive back face, and no more connectors than needed.


Also available in black. Black also suits him well :-)



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