La Rosita Die Loreley
La Rosita Die Loreley
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The amazing One would think that it is easier to design an entry-level device rather than a high-end device. But an entry-level device designed to meet the specifications of the brand is a challenge in and of itself. Notwithstanding its position as our entry-level device, the Die Loreley is a true "La Rosita" which complies with the blueprint of our philosophy. From the first listening, it reveals its character and its noble lineage. True La Rosita musicality, 1 power supply, BioClock® level 1/3, "endoDAC®".
In its range, it has no competition Just like the rest of our product line, inside Die Loreley's all is of the highest quality. Technical Information: 1 power supply, BioClock® level 1/3, "endoDAC®".


Die Loreley


La Rosita

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