ZARDOZ 300B Mono Amps
300B Mono block pair
No Compromise
Technical Data
 Stady, Fast, Accurate. ZardoZ 300B SE mono blocks are built for ever. Only the best parts ever joined together. 7 watts of pure pleasure.
 Built in the purest tradition of Tubes Electronics with the best selected parts for them musicality.
 No compromise! Hashimoto Transformers
Tech Data: Power ouptput 7 Watts Class A Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.1%. Frequency Response 20 - 32,000Hz. =/- 2.5dB (at 1 W output) Line Max. Input Voltage 4,00V. ! Signal to Noise Ratio: 110 dB. Power Consumption: 90 W. Power Requirements: AC: 220V - 230V , 50/60 Hz. Dimensions: W 250 × H 230 × D 450 mm Weight : 21kg (each)



ZardoZ 300B Mono Amp

ZardoZ Louis Preamp

 ZardoZ Bird

Stereo integrated Imp

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