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Omega Cruising close to the top of the line… The Omega is the little sister of the Pi-R. Its sound aesthetic is consistent with the quality of the high end of our product range. Great respect for the pace, superb definition, softness, and sumptuous staging of sound. Technical information: 4 power supplies, BioClock® level 3/3, "exoDAC® level 2/3, and our own Digital Filter "Tuning Fork®"
Affordable The Omega-R has been developed to be an affordable streamer with performance standards close to the Pi-R. The Possibility of Numerous Options…
The Possibility of Numerous Options… The Omera-R can receive optional balanced outputs (Lundahl transformers), a digital AES / EBU 110 Ohms, and can also, when it is configured to enable "Connect" functionalities, include a preamp with four analog inputs to make the connection with an amplifier or a pair of powered speakers.


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