The Ultimate Pi-R
Built Without Compromise
And Yet So Simple
Available in Black
The Ultimate Throughout the research and development of our music flagship streamer, the Pi-R, we had only one idea: to make it musically absolutely perfect, a flawless keeper of time, and infinitely scalable. We can always give you technical specs but we all know that numbers given by many manufacturers are not reliable. You might have and you should have questions but when a tube amplifier shows a distortion rate a thousand times higher than some amplifiers in class D? NO... Because it's the musical experience that will drive your choice, you will prefer the tube amplifier... Technical information: The Pi-R is the most advanced music streamer of our product line. For its design, we made no compromise; only the best components. 6 power supplies, BioClock® level 3/3, "exoDAC®", and our own Digital Filter "Tuning Fork®"
Built Without Compromise The internal organization of our circuitry combines great tradition, and high current technology solutions. At the heart of each unit there is a HUGE and quiet power supply which is designed to provide exactly the amount of energy to drive each active element of your sound system.
In the end, it looks simple … Yes, our philosophy is that ergonomics should be dictated by necessity, but we have never lost sight of the fact that the form is built to serve the function. We have obviously paid attention to the esthetics of our product line but never at the expense of the quality of the function. Simple but proven solutions, so that the object can yield to its function.


Also available in black.
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