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db system, La Rosita, Zardoz


This space has been set up so that everyone can listen to our Audio devices in the best possible conditions.

We have installed two auditoriums in which you can discover our range of Audio devices, our sources, our solid state and tube electronics, and our loudspeakers.


The idea is more to introduce you to a musical performance rather than just another listen to audio equipment. We hope to make you discover a new quality of sound, and the musicality that we love, the one for which we build our devices.


We are open every day from Monday to Friday from 11H00 to 19H30 and
 Saturday with appointment.


Upon request, it will also be our pleasure to make ourselves available at other times.


Please come with your CDs, vinyl records and/or digital files; whichever is your preferred format. Everything can be connected in an instant and off you go, listening to your favorite tunes.


Dan et Stefan Bellity


The visit continues with the second room which has a similar feel to the main room, and where the acoustics of old walls can be found.

Although the floor is covered with traditional tiles and the walls are relatively bare … the room’s acoustic qualities are quite good.


An auditorium too different from what a normal living room looks like will not give you a right appreciation of the tonal balance of a hi-fi system.


Let’s start with the main room.


The room is big with a high ceiling, close to a living room in the typical style of what is found in our beautiful region.

No particular acoustic treatment, only carpets and some paintings on the walls. A very comfortable sofa and sturdy shelves anchored into the walls for perfect vibration insulation against mechanical disturbances.

This room will typically be where you would listen to the larger hi-fi systems.


Each shelf can supporter over

150 Kg without suffering the slightest bend.


The entrance.


Here is stored second hand equipment – which is verified and guaranteed. As a manufacturer, we have a privileged relationship with many other manufacturers which is a valuable resource which enables us to find and obtain all the spare parts that will guarantee the longevity of your equipment.

db system is also the official importer of GOTO UNIT transducers for France.


The rear of the main room is a large space but is not where we listen to music; it’s where we showcase, next to olive presses, Vintage equipment. There will be a monthly rotation of equipment because the sheer number of items in our collection which cannot be displayed all at once.


Seen from the entrance with the two listening rooms which are connected by a large arched passage.


Please feel free to ask a loan of our cable for a test at home.

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