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An Iron Hand In a Velvet Glove For many, an amplifier is as good as its power output. In today's world of electronics, raw power can easily be achieved and is relatively inexpensive. The real trick is to ensure that this power is evenly distributed over the entire audible spectrum. This is one area where the Tender mono blocks excel while preserving the musicality and a certain sweetness over the entire bandwidth. The Tender mono blocks thus have the ability to reproduce the lowest sounds and minute detail with a clean output. Technical Information: Power: 150W per channel, very low THD and IMD distorsion, low noise, low Mechanical noise... VERY WIDE Bandwidth, HUGE instantaneous current. Here, numbers means nothing...
Oversized Power Supply An oversized power supply and active circuitry as compact as possible to reduce the insertion losses.
And Yet So Simple The rear of many amplifiers is often crowded with connectors. Our philosophy is to keep only what is necessary, and not to sell multiple connections which are seldom used in a hi fidelity system. Rather than cater to a marketing pitch, we will install specific connector outputs upon request...


Also available in Black. Why not !



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