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How often should I visit the dentist?

New Patients are always welcome in our family dental practice! Even if it’s been a while since you have visited the dental clinic, we recommend a check-up and visit for dental hygiene every 6 months as an excellent general dentistry rule. However, in particular instances, your dentist may recommend more frequent visits to monitor your oral health. Regular, frequent check-ups with the dentist will help you stay on top of potential problems that could be developing and save you the trouble of experiencing pain or expensive procedures.In addition to relieving pain and preventing further damage to your teeth and jaw, a dentist can help improve your aesthetics. Cosmetic dentistry is highly sought after to improve a person’s looks and give them a boost to their confidence.

Should I still see a dentist if I'm not feeling pain?

While pain can be a likely sign that there is damage to your teeth or jaw, people don’t always notice or experience pain related to every dental issue, especially, but not limited to, less severe problems. You’re better off getting treated for a smaller issue that is less painful and less expensive before it becomes a huge problem.​

What is gum disease?

The dental hygienist is a licensed dental professional who works with your dentist to monitor and maintain a healthy mouth. They are trained to work on preventing and treating oral diseases. When you schedule a cleaning, the dental hygienist will give you a deep clean that is very difficult to achieve on your own. Dental hygienists clear away build up on and around your teeth and gums. If left unchecked, this build-up of tartar and plaque will create an environment most often associated with gum disease and gingivitis, and other diseases.​

What is a dental filling and tooth cavity filling?

When your tooth develops decay resulting in a cavity, it needs to be treated by a dentist to prevent the tooth from being lost or creating other oral care problems. The dentist will begin by numbing your mouth. Then, he will prepare the tooth for the filling by removing the decaying part of the tooth. A combination of robust composite materials will be placed onto the tooth to “fill” it. This composite is very durable and looks a lot like your dental enamel. This effectively restores the tooth and prevents decay from creating more problems on that part of the tooth.​

How long do dental fillings last?

Fillings can last many years, but they will often break or be in need of being fixed up again eventually. Dental fillings stand up to a lot of wear and tear. They can last as long as 5, 10, or even 20 years. Your dentist will inform you about which fillings need to be replaced and why.


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