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Designed for music lovers 


We are very proud to introduce our new speaker, La New Babell.

Through the use of new specially « prepared » French speakers, we were able to achieve an unprecedented performance on acoustics.

The main speaker is a « large band », with a diameter of 30 cm, which is free from any filters. The full linearization was made with absolute precision, and exclusively in the field of acoustics with a special focus on the quality of materials used, acoustic pressure, and internal damping. Each element used for absorption was weighed and positioned with absolute precision.

To make this possible, we used solid beech wood works each element of which was cut and machined by digitally controlled tools.

We borrowed the same assembly techniques as those that were used by aircraft manufacturers in the 20thcentury who built airplanes with wooden frames. (e.g.: Robin Aircraft)@

Let’s keep in mind that:

  • Wood is still used to build ultra-modern houses…
  • Wood is a living and noble material which offers an unparalleled combination of resistance and flexibility!
  • Wood offers an excellent capacity to dissipate parasite energy, and reduces its effects on the overall structure of the speaker cabinet.
  • Most industries are still trying to create a synthetic material comparable to wood and have yet to succeed …
  • Solid wood offers an unmatched « rigidity / weight / elasticity / absorption » ratio.

The main 30 cm speaker is supported in the higher frequencies by a similarspeaker of 4 cm in diameter in order to preserve a perfect homogeneity in terms in terms of tone and dynamics.

The partial horn loading provided by RingsHorn® ensures an ideal dispersion of the high frequencies. Temporal alignment in each register was calibrated with particular care in order to preserve an ample, precise et natural sound image and staging.

Once again, we paid particular attention to achieving the ability to «speak» all languages: whether funk is your groove, or if you prefer the energy of rock, or the exploration of jazz fusion, the refinement of classical instruments, the roots of folk, the depth of electro or the ambiance of dance music, you will marvel at the New Babell’s ability to reproduce any style de music while respecting the characteristics of each genre...

Feet of gravity

Since the music is a superposition of sine waves, it means that the energy is diffused in iso-dynamic because the force that pushes the driver of a loudspeaker is equivalent to the force that pulls the membrane of the loudspeaker . The control must therefore be searched in the horizontal rather than the vertical plane. Man has the gift of speech and is therefore able to communicate knowledge and to come back to what others have imagined in response to the problems they have faced. For a long time, in the field of electroacoustics, certain principles concerning speakers have been considered a necessity, such as their design to be heavy and inert. It was quickly realized that it was a poor apprehension of the energy generated by the acceleration of the acoustic membranes. In order to evaluate what the acceleration generates in terms of energy, you have to remember when you were listening to vinyl records. A few years ago, we experimented with numerous tests and configurations: at one point, having an inertial platform (essentially a large cube of concrete of -1 m3) dedicated to the measurement of extremely fine doses, we had the idea of ​​placing a platinum on this platform. The turntable did not have a vibration absorption device. There was not felt under the disc but a ceramic disc, not in suspension but in direct contact (glued with glue without film) between the bearings of the turntable plate and the inertial platform. Eight high-definition accelerometer sensors were placed around the base of the inertial platform isolated from the ground. The sensors were connected to Audiomatica (specialized software) which analyzed the energy, if any, produced by the tone arm needle by applying a 1.5g force to the groove of an engraved plastic disc rotating at 33 ° C. rpm). Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the simple reading of the furrows of the disc made vibrate the inertial platform! The eight sensors had detected energy. In fact, the amount of energy generated by the needle on the vinyl record was enormous. Years later, when we embarked on the design of Ipanema and Babel, we wondered how a speaker would react to the (often rapid) movements of speakers when they play music. The standard solution was to create a very heavy speaker that would be connected to the ground with peaks supposed to act as a mechanical diode and as a jack. "Diode" because the energy generated by the speakers goes only to the tips, and "jack" because the amount of energy that accumulates at the base will be proportionally concentrated on the tips.

Technical data

Dimensions: H 98cm / D 47cm / L 44cm

Material: solid beech

Weight: 65 kg

Yield: 98 db

Impedance: 16 ohms

Minimum power: 5 Watts

Recommended power: 7 Watts

Maximum power: 50 Watts

Frequency response: from 30 Hz to 22 kHz

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