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A high quality analog preamplifier.


Why an analog preamplifier today ? Digital volume control is a "definition" eater. It would be long and boring to explain here but we can consider that 1 bit is about = 6.02dB. Reducing the volume by 6 dB will cost you 1 bit of available resolution. If you play a CD, your maximum definition capital is 16 pieces ... The best is to lose nothing and keep the maximum definition and volume control in the analog domain. It's our choice. Why use a preamplifier today ? To ensure a coil and a perfect match between your sources and your amplifier. It may seem simple and logical but is always difficult to accomplish. Cloud 9 does it perfectly. Why balanced output is designed with passive transformers ? Cloud 9 is available with a balanced analog output. Balanced output stage is designed using Lundahl® transformers (Option). This choice was made because transformers were, are, and will probably be the only way to get and keep ALWAYS a true balanced output regardless of the source signal. Also available in black.

Technical data

IFE® type (Instant Full Energy) 3 unbalanced entries 116 dynamic dB Gain : 30 dB THD total : 5-50kHz <0.01%

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