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Integrated stereo amplifier.


The input model of our integrated amplifier line is an integral part of the high-end audio equipment. True Dual mono construction, independent power supply for the preamplifier part as well as an exclusive "return" on the tone control! Jakes can help your speaker adapt perfectly to the acoustics of your home. The bass and treble control allows you to obtain, without any damage to the sound quality, your preferred tonal balance. For the design of JAKES we have implemented a perfect linear phase tone control. In the past, it was natural to find bass and treble control on any audio amplifier. For sure, no one knows exactly what your listening room is, and sometimes small corrections can help you get the tonal balance your listening room needs. Removing these tone controls from the preamp and amp was a disaster. Depending on whether your speakers are placed near a corner or near a wall can change the whole tonal balance to the point that small details can disappear forever. JAKES brings back this important feature. With JAKES, music reproduction has never been closer to live music. The technical data can show very good numbers but the only judge are the ears. Also available in black.

Technical data

To match JAKES with your speaker, you may like to know : the output power : 65 watts per channel (8 Ohms) real Dual Mono structure. Very low THD <0.05% from 5 to 45kHz Damping factor : 1kHz> 1000

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