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Our valiant integrated amplifier builds without compromise and yet so simple.


Never has music reproduction been so close to live music. We wondered what could be an ideal integrated amplifier: it must be powerful enough to adapt to many uses while remaining delicate and well articulated to not break the charm of the music. Our electronics do not have a typical sound. The sound is not soft or dynamic or precise, it is simply neutral. With an ocean of energy available instantly, Maverick can drive a wide range of speakers with perfect success. A very neat selection of pieces with an accomplished design to offer the best music possible. The Rosita Maverick is a pure application of straight wire with gain. Like all our audio equipment, our maverick integrated amplifier includes a patented IFE (Istant full energy) power supply capable of producing unlimited power without latency, ensuring the respect of musical needs. Further work on all output steps and a single processing called DFRA (Direct Frame to Analog) guaranteeing a lost insertion close to zero at all assembly levels (inside modulated modules).

Technical data

Power : 90 W / Channel (8 ohms) True double mono structure Very low distortion THD and IMD : <0.05% from 5 to 50kHz Low mechanical noise. Very wide bandwidth. Huge instantaneous current.

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