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Tender are class AB analog mono amplifiers.


For many, an amplifier is as good as its power output and in today's electronic world, brute force can easily be achieved by being expensive. In reality, it must be ensured that this power is uniformly distributed across the entire audible spectrum. This is one of the points on which the mono block Tender excels in preserving musicality and a certain softness over the entire bandwidth. This amplifier also has the ability to reproduce the lowest sound and the smallest details with a clean output. Built to drive any type of speaker, the Tender is just as comfortable with high or low output speakers. This, no matter what technology is used. Combined with our Cloud 9 preamplifier, you'll feel like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Also valid in black.

Technical data

The Tender has an oversized power supply and active circuits as compact as possible to reduce insertion loss. Output power : 150 W (8 ohms) / channel Continuous RMS : 300 W (4 ohms) / channel Both channels are piloted. Response Frequency : 5 Hz - 45 kHz, -3 db (8 ohms) Peak output current : 25 Amps Dynamic range : 120 dBa Load impedance range : 2 ohms - 16 ohms Input impedance : 40k ohms THD + noise : 0.1 W - 300 W (4 ohms) CCIF intermodulable distortion : 19/20 kHz <.002% damping factors : 1 kHz> 1000

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