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Now available with the NEW Mac Mini M1



We have developed a very low noise power supply to replace the high frequency power supply included in the MacMini. In this way, we lower the residual noise of your motherboard, increasing the dynamics and definition useful to HD files.    


This set is dedicated to those who wish to manipulate audio files with high or very high definition. We support you in the choice of software adapted to this treatment (HQPlayer, Roon, etc.) Here too we can assist you remotely with TeamViewer  


The modification of the Mac mini is to suppress the noise of the built-in high frequency power supply whose "slag" propagates on the whole of the motherboard. This is always beneficial because, as it stands, the MacMini has a "normal" power supply noise level for a computer and is sufficient for all the tasks expected of a home computer. Computer power supplies are, almost always, high frequency power supplies.   When the high-frequency power supplies are not intended for audio, they contain "slags" that can mingle or cover very small signals, although these power supplies are compact and inexpensive but incompatible with the needs of audio. digital.  


Even if the information is digital, the noise of supply is conveyed from apparatus to apparatus by the common modes (connections of the masses between them) When the MacMini is used to reproduce full-resolution digital audio files, it is to be hoped that the dynamics of the CD (at least) will be reproduced as -96dB.   Our power supply (db system) makes it possible to reduce the noise of power supply by the implementation of extremely silent linear power supplies which respect the audio files including those with high definition (24 bit 96 kHz and beyond).  


The modification must be done in our workshops because an intervention and adjustments of precise tensions are necessary on the motherboard itself (partial dissociations of the plans of masses).



Modifications MacMini

Power supply price increase due to the double power needed for new Mac Mini M1 and M2 !

- Power supply MacMini ( 110V & 220V switchable ): 1250 euros


- Mac mini power supply adaptation : 280 euros


- DAC USB MacMini: 1200 euros (Discontinued-


Mac mini power - 001 web.jpeg
Mac mini power - 008 web.jpeg
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