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This computer audio is a completely new concept for digital music.


Combined with the appropriate software (Roon & HQ), the Black Hole is capable of reproducing files with very high resolution (Hi-res) by using antialiasing filters adapted to high sampling frequencies (384kHz) .

This new generation of devices, called Computer Audio, marks the entrance to the world of high resolution.

The Black Hole comes with its own on-board mother board operated with a MacOS interface tailored for the treatment of high resolution files.

The internal organization of our circuits is the result of the fusion of the greatest audiophile tradition with the latest techniques in the field of signal processing. Seven independent power supplies feed energy to the various circuits of the Black Hole. (pure digital stage, analog stages, clock circuits, digital feed to the input interface, etc.). Each power supply is specially adapted to the circuit that it powers.

Technical data

Processing power greater than 30 Gigaflops. Compatible with all players in the market running on MacOs 128 Gbits of SSD storage, bundled with wireless keyboard and mouse apple The DAC can reach 32 bits 384 kHz XLR Outputs (Lundhal Symetriser) & RCA Switchable voltage 110 / 220V Weight: 15Kg Size : 43x34x29cm

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